Indigenous Wine Varieties

The following are varieties that we use in our own and cooperating vineyards for the production of wines.


White early variety rich in sugars with a characteristic aroma and light yellow color


This is a variety related to the Robola of Kefallonia island, but with a different acidity and stronger aftertaste. The Zakynthian Robola is famous due to its special characteristics. It usually comes from the mountainous vineyards of northwestern Zakynthos.


A local variety since the ancient times, with fruity aroma and a spicy taste that contributes to the wine body, in combination with other varieties.


A rare variety with deep, vivid dark red colour and strong aromas of ripe red fruits and Mediterranean herbs. It usually ripens in a barrel.


This variety originates in the semi-mountainous dry vineyards in Zakynthos. Its appearance is particularly attractive ,with a bright light-yellow colour and greenish highlights. Aromatic it is rich and "full", reminiscent of the smell of ripe, white-skinned fruits, such as peach, apricot and melon, which are spread on an excellent background of discreet expression of the Muscat character.

Forgotten Varieties

Apart from the indigenous varieties that thrive in Zakynthos, we make an effort in collaboration with local small producers and wineries, to revive some forgotten (almost extinct) varieties, in order to revive old traditional flavours and aromas from Zakynthos. These varieties are Makrypodia and Mavroboubouko