Our Philosophy

Since time immemorial, the inhabitants of Zakynthos island have worked tirelessly under the sun, harvesting the precious grapes to make wine – a companion at work in the fields, in special occasions and in daily life as well.

Our father carried on the family tradition – which began back in 1918 – and dedicated all his life to the promotion and growth of the Zakynthian wine.

Today, our primary purpose remains the same: we keep the flame of tradition alive by producing wines of the highest possible quality with ever-evolving methods, always keeping up with technological innovations.

It isn’t only out of professional dedication; the Zakynthian wine is not just a product – it symbolizes the tradition of our family, inextricably connected to our island, and its taste and aroma is the very essence of Zakynthos in liquid form.

At the winery you can see the modern and the old way of wine production, and you can taste wine from the local and international varieties of the island.